Terremoto – Amatrice area’s Earthquake

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Direct Earthquake Relief Personally Delivered

The devastation is worrisome.  There is so much these people need.   The altitude in Amatrice is over 3,000 feet.  The average temperatures in September will soo be in the 50’s, with nighttime temps in the low 40’s.  It is imperative to get these people out of tents in the next month.  The Croce Rossa Italiana is a great organization and will move quickly to assist, but there needs more.

With investigation, and many discussions with friends in the area in Italy, it seems the best way to maximize the benefit of our donations is to get them directly to the affected residents.   Any donations collected by me will be given directly to the Italian Protezione Civile in Amatrice.  They are equivalent to our National Guard. They are the boots on the ground digging out the survivors and assisting in housing, etc/ for those affected by the earthquake.  The money donated to the Protezione Civile goes directly to help with supplying clothing, shoes and household items as well as food and water.  The Red Cross and the government will help with housing and the medical aid as well as food so I thought getting things directly into the hands of the most affected would do the most good.

I am asking that people consider contributing any amount they wish and I will be hand carrying the funds to Italy in early October to disburse directly.   You will know that the funds are getting directly to those most in need.  And, I have been told you will receive a written thank you from the Protezione civile.

You can make your donations at:  paypal.me/expresslyitalian.   I am keeping those funds separate from my business so there is no confusion for me and you can be assured it the donations dedicated to this cause are not co-mingled.

If you have any questions, please contact me at:   Kathleen@expresslyitalian.com

Thanks again for your generosity.    As I stated before, if you prefer you can make direct donations to the International Red Cross in Italy for the earthquake survivors at :

As a Californian I can imagine how traumatic this level of damage is and how long the recovery will take.     Help all you can.  It will be gratefully accepted I know.

6 days later cat   So far this little guy is the last survivor –  pulled from the rubble on August 29th.


Funerals started on August 29th.  There have already been many group burials and services.August30This was taken August 30th.  As you can see, the work has barely begun.

Aftermath of deadly Italy earthquake
A volunteer in a tent camp in Amatrice hit by earthquake on August 30, 2016 in Amatrice, Italy. Italy has declared a state of emergency in the regions worst hit by Wednesday’s earthquake as hopes diminish of finding more survivors. At least 290 people are now know to have died and around 400 injured with teams continuing to search the rubble of collapsed buildings. (Photo by Manuel Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images)



2 thoughts on “Terremoto – Amatrice area’s Earthquake

    timelessitaly said:
    September 2, 2016 at 4:52 am

    Such a heart-wrenching situation…bless all of these hurting Italians.

    expresslyitalian responded:
    September 2, 2016 at 6:15 pm

    Thanks for your comment. As I understand it, there are over 2,000 left without homes. And, winter is coming up fast in the mountains.

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