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I just read yesterday of the seven major companies accused of fraud by mislabeling their olive oils as extra virgin when they were mixtures or plain virgin oil.  Seems like a small thing, but taken extremely seriously by anyone who appreciates good olive oil (and pays for the experience).  I try to buy all my oil from the frantoi directly.  (That is the local mills that the small producers take their olives to be pressed).  The difference in price is worth the assurance of what you are getting.  One of the advantages of extra virgin and olio nuovo is that the antioxidant levels are the highest possible.  But, that means the oils have to be really produced with care, handled with care, stored well and consumed in a year or so.  I cannot stress enough to check dates any time you purchase oil.  Any good quality olive oil is good for two years or even a little longer if stored correctly.  But, the finest oils from the first pressings are best consumed within a year of their pressing.  Can you taste the difference?  Maybe.  But not tasting the difference does not mean that the health benefits are there if it’s an older oil (or has been stored improperly).

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